UNDA (Latin for "wave") is an organic interface that was born through collaboration between Toyota InfoTechnology Center and Keio University’s Wakita Lab. As a result of the serious pursuit of intuitiveness for an in-car interface, we have envisioned a sensuous operation surface that organically combines life-like transformation and elastic property. UNDA has been prototyped as one example of this concept. The biggest challenge in this project was the realization of the "undulating concept" for a next-generation operation surface that synchronizes the wavelengths of the user and the machine.

ラテン語で「波」を意味する名前が付けられたこの有機的なインターフェイスは、トヨタIT開発センターと慶應義塾大学脇田研究室との共同研究の中から生まれました。我々は、自動車インターフェイスの直感性を真摯に追求した結果、生物的な変形としなやかな素材性が有機的に連動したセンシュアスな操作曲面というビジョンに逢着しました。その一事例としてプロトタイピングされたのがUNDAです。このプロジェクトで我々が目指したのは、ユーザの波長とマシンの波長がシンクロする次世代のオペレーション -Undulating Concept- の具現化です。

The soft outer skin that covers the top face of UNDA generates an extraordinary variety of surface shapes through the coordination of internal actuators. The shape, motion, and light emissions of the surface work as a kinetic display, which presents a variety of information. The user interacts with UNDA by making full use of not only their visual sense but also their haptic sense and kinesthesia. Each of 12 elevating buttons, to which unique functions are attached, is lifted when it is available, based on the context. It is also possible to generate a large button by operating multiple buttons simultaneously. The soft skin-like material that covers the surface allows various operations such as pushing, tracing, pinching, or sweeping.



Concept and Direction: AKIRA WAKITA
Art Direction: KOHEI TSUJI
Technical Direction: HISAKAZU HADA
Hardware Development: TATSUYA KAIHO
Project Management : SAYAKA YOSHIZU
Technical Advisor : CHIHIRO SANNOMIYA

コンセプト+ディレクション : 脇田 玲
アートディレクション : 辻 航平
技術ディレクション : 羽田久一
ハードウェア開発 : 海宝竜也
プロジェクトマネジメント : 吉津沙耶香
技術アドバイザ : 三宮千尋