Human Body Visualization Workshop


This project was aimed to construct 3d visualization environment of human body and to provide 3d visualization experiences for many people. Since 3d reconstruction of human body by CT and MRI required sophisticated geometric modeling technics, it was only used as professional tools for image engineers and doctors. But due to the acceleration of speed and open reduction of personal computers, it has led to the opening of the where we could freely reuse the open 3d medical data.The democratization of human body data has immeasurable possibilities to change our system of medical treatment and education.In SFC Wakita lab, we succeeded in creating 3d visualization environment for human body by the use of free software such as OSIRIX and openFrameworks(in agile).


At the SFC Open Research Forum in 2014, we hosted a workshop using this environment to validate the efficiency. The viewer for personal computer had been developed only in two weeks by openframeworks. Despite the short term of development, the power was proved to be strong enough for educational, scientific communication tools.We were able to observe many participants charmed by the structural beauty of human body.We strongly believe that real time 3d visualization not only simplifies the complexes but obtains the unexplored possibilities as a media which arouse sense of wonder.

2014年のSFC Open Research Forumにおいて、この環境を用いたワークショップを開催し、その有効性を検討しました。PC用のビューアはopenframeworksを用いて僅か2週間で開発したものですが、そのパワーはとても強力であり、教材や科学コミュニケーションのツールとして有効であることが実証されました。ワークショップでは人体の美しい構造美に魅せられる参加者が多く観察されました。リアルタイムの3次元ビジュアライゼーションは複雑なものを分かりやすく表示するツールであるのみならず、センス・オブ・ワンダーを喚起するメディアとしても多くの未開拓の可能性が残されていると考えられます。


Human Body Visualization Workshop, SFC Open Research Forum 2014, Tokyo Midtown, 2014.

Human Body Visualization Workshop, SFC オープンリサーチフォーラム 2014, 東京ミッドタウン, 2014年11月22-23日.


Direction : Akira Wakita
Software Development : Mamai Nakamura,Tadashi Nagashima,Tomoyoshi Hasegawa
Technical Support : Lattice Technology,Inc

ディレクション : 脇田玲
ソフトウェア開発 : 中村真美、長島禎、長谷川智祥